Today's customers are more demanding and expect more value at a better price. One of the biggest concerns with most accredited accdent repair centres is that their turnaround times are mostly between 2 and four weeks. The automotive industry endures many challenges to stay competitive and ahead of the latest industry changes to deliver a resilient service to our customers.

This means that the technical complexity of today's vehicles's introduce an endless supply of new parts and applications. The industry demands for better quality products at competitive prices and most of all, expects an uncompromising dedication to dependable service.

Being one of the most trusted independent vehicle accident repair specialists in the Free State, Auto Body Worx Bloemfontein pride ourselves on our core values, these being:

  • Quality service and high standard of workmanship

  • Consideration and respect for our customers, their vehicles and belongings

  • Lawfulness and respect for the Motor industry and its principles

  • Enviromental awareness and concern

  • Team work and fair, equitable treatment of employees

  • Complete safety in our workplace.

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